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Established in 2019, we offer a wide range of high quality fresh cut vegetables to Melbourne restaurants. Sourced from our very own Victorian farmers, our vegetables are prepared adhering to the highest health and hygiene standards. We have a wide range of vegetables cleaned, cut and hygienically packed to ensure maximum shelf life. What’s more, we deliver your orders on the same day, so the freshness of our vegetables will add greatest flavours to your restaurant dishes.

We invite you to explore the range of packages we have on offer. Whether you want them cut, peeled, diced or sliced we will ensure that the produce comes ready to go in the wok.

Our vegetables are cleaned, cut, freshly delivered and ready to cook to ensure that you can reduce wastage, save money on labour, storage, refrigerating costs and improve portion controls. With our supplies we assure that you will be producing tastier dishes from fresh produce that your customers are going to love.

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